“Is your child frustrated by an inability to develop or organize his writing? Are you a parent of a mathematician, who thinks and writes in flowcharts? Is your student a dreamer, who can’t put together a first sentence? Or maybe a writer, coming up with 2 pages instead of 2 sentences? Are you concerned with the way your school teaches English this year, or is your child bored with the school curriculum? It’s a myth that only struggling students need tutors. All kids may benefit from a good writing coach, learning how to develop a clear plot, determine a style, and voice their thoughts. My daughter is fortunate to have an excellent writing coach, Anne Knight. Anne is a guide, an inspirer, a supporter. She makes writing an interesting, rewarding experience of self-expression, from poems to short stories, science research to political essays. Anne inspired our daughter to participate (and win) a few local and national writing competitions. We stopped worrying about the school curriculum or literature selection. Anne brought our daughter to a different level of intelligence and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. Anne is an amazing combination of a ‘personal trainer’ and a mentor for a student. If our daughter misses anything over the summer, it’s her sessions with Anne. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, Anne!” —Olga Knauer
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