What Students Say

“Working with Anne is truly a rewarding experience. She doesn’t simply tell you what to write or what the grammar rules are; she engages you in conversation and thought, leading you through ideas, at the same time guiding you around shaky sentences and colorless vocabulary. She excites you with her own energy and enthusiasm for your writing, no matter what topic you present her with. She has a way of bringing out the best aspects of your idea, building upon it and showing you how to extract the creme de la creme to write a deeply insightful piece.I absolutely love every meeting with Anne! Besides being such a treat to work with, Anne also deserves my thanks for helping me improve my SAT score. Thank you so much for your amazing personality and all your help.”
Caroline Shen, Gunn High School, Class of 2008

“Essays and writing were never my strong points. So when college application season rolled around, I worried my essays would not be up to par. Anne helped turn my ideas into coherent and articulate essays, editing paragraph after paragraph, helping me fix grammar and sentence structure and cutting down lines to fit word count. Without her help, from brainstorming ideas for the common app essay, to the all-important waitlist essays, my chances of being admitted into the colleges that I was, including the school I will be attending this fall, UC Berkeley, would have been greatly reduced. 

I am glad Anne was there to guide me through the daunting essay process. I enjoyed our discussions on the variety of topics I needed to write about. She took this otherwise rigorous process and made it seem easy and almost fun. I highly recommend Anne to anyone who is struggling to come up with ideas or just need their essays to be more polished. 

KA, UC Berkeley

“Anne is a teacher who is treasured! She always provides a suggestion, challenge, idea, but nonetheless support. She is perfect for students of all ages, experiences, goals because each student reaches his or her potential and thrives. Through her mentorship, Anne creates an environment where the purple pen is always at the ready to edit away, the book is always at hand to analyze a passage, a creative idea is waiting to be stirred up over exciting dialogue, and delicious hot chocolate is steaming nearby. Anne has helped me with MANY assignments, including poetry, short stories, silly paragraphs, long essays, and research projects. Each one earned outstanding results, and Anne’s teachings motivated all! Aside from writing, my literature perception has bloomed. Thanks to Anne, I grasp the deep personalities of characters in stories, and can take away valuable life lessons offered in literature. Anne makes sure her students not only read, but understand.”

Niki Knauer, Grade 8

“As an immigrant, I have faced many problems in learning how to write. And in the process, I have met with countless tutors, but it was useless to learn literature analysis from teachers who never had experience with people like me who start not at ground zero but below. Surprisingly, despite the chasm between our levels, I found Anne to be extremely helpful. Anne was able to transfer her experience and writing strategies in simple language and cultivate not only my writing skill but also my love for the English language. I learned in one hour with her more than I learned in a year.”
Yin Zhu, UC Berkeley, Class of 2011

“Anne encouraged me to reflect on my experiences, crystallize the lessons I learned, and perhaps most importantly, to present my accomplishments and my real self in a lively way. Through this process, I definitely gained a deeper understanding of my experiences and myself. Thank you Anne, for all your guidance and teaching!”
Caterina Yuan, Presidential Scholar, Palo Alto High School, Class of 2007, Harvard College, Class of 2011

“I came to Anne for help with my college application essays. I got so much more out of our lessons than that. Working with Anne improved my fluency and my confidence as a writer and equipped me with the skills that I need to flourish in the humanities at Princeton. Thanks, Anne!”
Leo Unger, Princeton

“As a public school student, I was deprived of a liberal arts education—with close knit literary discussions, passionate not programmed teachers (who preach about the cookie cutter ‘five paragraph essay’), and an environment conducive to moral and social growth. As an adolescent, I was deprived of intellectual role models— who embraced learning as a lifestyle, rather than as a means to an end. Anne Knight filled both voids in my life. With an unparalleled strength in analyzing themes, targeting a writer’s weakness, and helping develop structure, Anne helped me nurture my voice and organize my thoughts. As one of the quirkiest, most straightforward people I know, Anne made our meetings colorful—with her notorious Dutch hot chocolate and her notorious purple pen, brutally erasing unnecessary details. Anne taught me to write as one cooks, using literary tools as ingredients, working patiently, thoughtfully, meticulously, and above all—being sensitive to the end product and always willing to add or take away. This cooking metaphor has helped me transcend the cookie cutter ‘five paragraph essay’ and embrace more creative structures in writing, to embrace voice through detail and emotion.

But most importantly, Anne became a mentor, a friend. When I couldn’t decide whether I should go to Stanford, Yale, or Columbia, Anne, the mentor, helped me decide. When I was stressed, Anne, the friend, comforted me. Anne’s guidance, I’m confident, has helped me grow in many different capacities. I’m deeply thankful for the chance to know such an accomplished, aware person.”

— A.A.,
Accepted at Yale College, Stanford University, Columbia, and other top schools

“It was truly a pleasure to work with Anne. Not only did she help bring my writing to life, but she also helped me to reflect upon my past experiences and achievements. Through our conversations, I gained a better understanding of myself and the path I chose that led to my arrival at medical school. The final product was a true representation of my voice and my story. By working with Anne, I learned not only how to write with confidence but also more about myself. Thank you, Anne, for your wonderful advice and support.”

—Kenric Tam
Stanford School of Medicine

“Anne is an extremely gifted writer. Down to a single word, she knows just what it takes to make a clear, thoughtful, great piece of writing. Anne is also extremely friendly and easy to work with. She really cares about her clients. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Northwestern University School of Law ’16

“As a friend, mentor, guide, and helper, Anne exceeds any expectations that I might have had coming in for her services! Whether it was the confusing conundrum that was my Lit homework, test prep, or just getting an invaluable second opinion on a speech or application, Anne has helped me achieve my goals and has inspired me to go beyond mediocre expectations. Finally, a flexible teacher who understands my needs and values them! Thank you, Anne!”
— Linda Xu

“Anne Knight helped me develop an effective strategy for completing my college admission applications. Her insights were invaluable. In the past two years, I have consulted her on several writing projects for college. I enjoy discussing ideas with Anne and learning how to communicate effectively. She is an excellent writing coach!”
Evan R., Stanford University

“Anne has the ability to take any old sentence and flip-flop it around to produce an even better sentence that’s more concise and poignant. Her vocabulary is astonishing, and she has intelligent insight as to how to craft a solid paper. The way she communicates ideas is powerful and creative. Also, she is good at extracting ideas from me to find my core motivation for creating a particular sentence. She helps me expand on ideas and bring solid closure to my essays. After working with Anne, my papers are always much more powerful, fun to read, and thought provoking. Not to mention she’s fun to work with.”
David Moghtader

“Anne Knight is a great teacher. In the past, I have had English teachers who taught me writing and SAT prep. But Ms. Knight is by far the best.

I have learned valuable techniques for writing. She taught me how to approach a topic, zero in on good examples used in essays, and organize the content of essays to make them more appealing to readers. More importantly, she taught me how to express my ideas in a simple and concise way. Now I write with confidence.”
Alex Yee, Palo Alto H.S., Northwestern, Class of 2010

“Anne’s help with my medical school application essays made what would have been a stressful experience into an enjoyable process. Her suggestions were thoughtful and creative. Her style of coaching involved a lot of back-and-forth discussion, and she always made sure that any edits we made still felt to me like my own voice. My medical school essays became much more vivid and powerful, and, even more importantly, I gained confidence in my ability to write effectively.

—Maya W.
MD Candidate class of 2015, Duke University School of Medicine

“As an international student who struggles with imperfect English, I had no idea how to skillfully describe my life story for the UC graduate school application. Even though I finished writing my personal statement, i felt uneasy and unsatisfied with my poor writing. Meanwhile, one of my friends recommended seeking Anne’s help, so I decided to take his advice without delay. Quickly, I realized that I made the right choice in working with Anne. She is a very kind person and has professional writing skills. Whenever she revised parts of my personal statement, I couldn’t help but marvel at her outstanding gifts. When we finished our joint effort, I had confidence that my application communicated my ideas, and as a result I have fulfilled my desire to transfer to Haas School of Business, Berkeley, this fall 2014. If you doubt whether your personal statement is attractive enough, work with Anne. You won’t be sorry.

—Daniel Woohyuk Lee
Haas School of Business, UC/Berkeley 2014

“Anne has taught me an incredible amount about language and analysis of literature. I’ll always remember her purple pen marks, liberally covering my works, that posed critical questions and comments about my essays and started my thinking about what I was writing and how I could improve it. It was truly a rewarding experience not only to analyze works of complex literature with her but also to reflect on my own voice as a writer, leaving me with skills that I will take to college and beyond.”

—Divya Saini
Stanford University, Class of 2018

“After our first meeting, Anne immediately always comes to mind when I have considered serious, high-quality help with developing or improving my university admission letters or university-mandated projects. It is easy to work with Anne, both in the comfort of her personal work space or remotely over the phone or email. In the end, I have always produced even more powerful, persuasive pieces as well as developed my own writing talent along the way.

—Neeraj Miglani
Santa Clara University and École hôtelière de Lausanne

“Working with Anne was always such a delight! In addition to turning my own words and messages into cogent, fluent writing, she taught me a lot of grammar and writing rules I probably should have already learned at that point of high school! My writing truly transformed. I soon even became impressed with myself! And it was all thanks to Anne. Anne is energetic, hospitable, and excellent at what she does. Because of Anne, I was accepted by many universities including Boston University, Pepperdine, and more. Anne also helped me win over schools with brilliant appeal letters if they didn’t accept me right away. I ultimately ended up attending my top choice college, Santa Clara University, after my appeal was accepted. I owe my unique college adventures to Anne. I will forever appreciate her and her dedication to her students.”

—Nehika Miglani
Santa Clara University
Class of 2014

“Beyond Anne’s ability to refine essays and teach proper writing techniques, she is also a very caring individual. She follows up with her students closely and goes out of her way to ensure their success. Whether it meant working diligently to meet my stringent deadlines or making a phone call to an old friend and physician to discuss with me the culture at a certain medical school, she undoubtedly makes the extra

—Amar Miglani
Albert Einstein School of Medicine