What Parents Say

“W hen we came across Anne, my son had drafts of a few college essays. They seemed good, but something was missing. Then Anne, with her magical purple pen, cut a line here and added a few words there and transformed them from good to amazing. She then helped him brainstorm for undrafted essays, encouraging him to look beyond his accomplishments and turn within. As a result, his essays were thoughtful and deep and reflected his personality and what defined him, which were not just academics and extracurricular activities. I believe his essays played a large role in his being accepted to most of the universities to which he applied, including UC Berkeley.

I highly recommend Anne for college essays and anything to do with writing. In the process, my son’s writing improved dramatically. Anne is one of the most encouraging teachers I have come across, always looking for positives and never disparaging. I enjoyed our time with her, an enriching experience for both my son and me.

– RA, UC Berkeley

“I think Anne’s greatest gift to students is empowerment. She breaks the assignment down into manageable bites so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. She meets the student where he is—at his level of writing ability—and conveys to him that HE CAN DO IT! A sense of empowerment and self-confidence is what I observe in students who work with Anne.” —Susan M

“Is your child frustrated by an inability to develop or organize his writing? Are you a parent of a mathematician, who thinks and writes in flowcharts? Is your student a dreamer, who can’t put together a first sentence? Or maybe a writer, coming up with 2 pages instead of 2 sentences? Are you concerned with the way your school teaches English this year, or is your child bored with the school curriculum?

It’s a myth that only struggling students need tutors. All kids may benefit from a good writing coach, learning how to develop a clear plot, determine a style, and voice their thoughts.

My daughter is fortunate to have an excellent writing coach, Anne Knight. Anne is a guide, an inspirer, a supporter. She makes writing an interesting, rewarding experience of self-expression, from poems to short stories, science research to political essays. Anne inspired our daughter to participate (and win) a few local and national writing competitions. We stopped worrying about the school curriculum or literature selection. Anne brought our daughter to a different level of intelligence and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up.

Anne is an amazing combination of a ‘personal trainer’ and a mentor for a student. If our daughter misses anything over the summer, it’s her sessions with Anne.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, Anne!”

—Olga Knauer

“As a parent for whom English will always be his second language and whose college years were spent outside of the United States, I felt quite anxious about the task of helping my son with college application process, especially as it concerned writing good, powerful essays.

I knew very soon after Matthew began studying with Anne that my worries were over. He enjoyed the sessions, and there was clear indication of Anne’s professional, methodical, and creative approach to developing his writing skills. In just a few sessions, he learned how to structure the short 25-minute essays for SAT. While developing essays for college applications, Matthew found in Anne a thoughtful and demanding advisor who helped him find the ways to express himself in the most effective way.

I would not hesitate to recommend Anne’s coaching services to anybody as I already have on a few occasions.” — Ken Auerbach

“Before we knew Ms. Knight, my son struggled with his essays. He could not even write an introduction after many hours of staring at his computer. He was very frustrated.Now I am relieved because he writes much more efficiently. English is not my first language, and I cannot distinguish a bad essay from a good one. But one thing I do know: my son is happier and his English grade is higher—thanks to Ms. Knight’s teaching.”—Steve Yee

“Anne is gifted in asking insightful questions and skillfully challenging Caterina to clarify her thoughts and crystallize her experiences. Anne encourages Caterina to probe for deeper understanding, analyze and reflect on her experience, and find the best way to express her thoughts. Caterina became a better writer through working with Anne.” —Jackie Yu, 2007

“Anne Knight provided two very important services to our family: those of writing coach and stress reliever. Anne guided both of my boys through their essay-writing for college applications, insisting on clear and organized thought as well as creative presentation of their points. She helped them to define and refine their ideas, always maintaining their own voices in subjects near and dear to them so that the essays never sounded as if someone else were directing them. This took away the stress so many of my friends experienced as they tried to edit their children’s essays, and in turn attempted to change the topic or direction of those essays to something they felt was more appropriate. My husband and I were able to “let go” and accept that if Anne thought the topic worthy and something that would stand out, then we could as well. The results were essays that grabbed your interest and reflected the personalities of our boys.” —Virginia Fruchterman